Episode 20: The Tension of Trump

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Only half of eligible American voters opted-in during the 2016 election. Half of those people elected Donald Trump the 45th President of the United States. That means only 25% of Americans choose, through direct action, for Trump to be President. Add to that, Trump entered the presidency with roughly a 35% approval rating. In his first 10 days in office, 3 days witnessed massive, historic protest. He is not a popular man!

Nevertheless, he is president and soared the presidency with reportedly 81% support from Evangelicals. Yet many evangelical rank-and-file leaders (pastors) see trouble, both in Trump and the church’s support of him.

They may not post and preach about it, but they talk to each other. Sean and John share a bit of what they are hearing and offer some helpful ways to move forward, as distinctly Christian people in the age of Trump.

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