The New Evangelism: The Evangelism of Presence in Post Christendom

Once the Christendom social consensus is gone, I believe the character of evangelism changes dramatically. Now it must takes place in the actual presence of someone. By “presence of someone,” I mean a space must be cultivated between myself and someone or a group of someones. In this space I must tend to that other person’s presence. I must submit myself to him or her. And I, as a Christian, must tend to the presence of Christ Himself here in this space at work among us. I must submit to that. Cooperate with Christ. And out of this space, comes the moment in which I must proclaim the gospel in response to the situation demanding it. But this is never coercive. It is from the posture of ownership. It is a posture of pointing to a another reality not yet seen by the other person. It is a witness to an alternative Story, another world, the world as it is under Jesus Christ as Lord. This is the space of evangelism ion post Christendom. Cultivating this kind of “faithful presence” takes time.If you want to explore this more, join us for the event referred to in the video below! Blessings!

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