June 7, 2022 - July 5, 2022

Tuesdays 6pm - 7:15pmET

A 5-part Learning Community from

Surprise the World Learning Community

hosted by

Rowland Smith from Forge America


In this cohort we will discuss simple ways that we can develop habits to engage a more missional life. Using the principles found in Surprise the World, by noted Australian missiologist Michael Frost, we will survey the possible habits presented as well as develop our own habits suited for our individual contexts. By the end of this cohort, participants will have a firm plan for engaging the places they live, work and play with a display of the Kingdom of God.

Each week will have an introductory video from Michael Frost followed by discussion and plans for the upcoming week, hosted by Rowland Smith,  National Director of Forge America Missional Training Network.

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Week 1: BLESS: What does it look like to bless others in our context today? This simple habit can be igniter for a more holistic missional life. We will discuss and share ideas, as well as plan our own experiments in intentionally blessing others during each week.

Week 2: EAT: The table is perhaps the most used community tool in our culture. It can also be the most effective place to be Jesus to our neighbors and friends. We will plan how table and eating rhythms can become one of our most meaningful connections to others as we live out a tangible Kingdom in the places we live,  work and play.

Week 3: LISTEN: Listening to God is perhaps the habit we miss the most in our missional life. While it is admirable to come up with lists of ways we can be more missional to our neighbors or coworkers, the Holy Spirit is there to help guide us in those endeavors. A  key  principle of missional living is that God is already at work and we are joining him in that work. Developing a habit of listening to Spirit’s promptings will make our missional life more fruitful.

Week 4: LEARN: Learning about Jesus is one of our primary starting points as a Christ-follower. It is hard to follow a way of life that we do not immerse ourselves in, like the disciples did. We will look at ways we can be more like Jesus by learning more about his way of living and loving others.

Week 5: SENT: We are given the identity of being “sent” people (John 20:21).  How can we live into that identity as we bring all of our habits into a “rule of life” rhythm? This final week we will walk away with a written Rule of Life for Missional Habits.

We hope you will join us in these meaningful conversations that will help mobilize and enrich our missional lives.

Rowland Smith is a pastor, author, speaker, and missional thinker, currently serving as National Director of Forge America, giving vision and guidance to Forge’s direction in training churches, planters, and pioneers in missional ecclesiology. Rowland also directs The Pando Collective, a micro-church network in his city of Colorado Springs, and teaches at Fuller Seminary.

Rowland is the general editor and curator for the recent book Red Skies, hosts the Red Skies podcast in partnership with Missio Alliance, and also has written Life Out Loud: Joining Jesus Outside the Walls of the Church, published by 100 Movements Publishing.

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