Nearly 500 years ago, The Protestant Reformation unleashed a watershed moment in the evolution of Western Christianity. Drastically affecting the landscapes of Church and society alike, its impact has left an important and undeniable mark upon modern Western culture. However, as the cultural context of Christendom in which the Reformation took shape wanes, the Church finds itself in an unprecedented situation. Emerging generations of Christians are seeking a new reformation – one that honors the best of our heritage while moving past the categories and assumptions of the 16th Century. Shaped by a diverse array of institutions and leaders, this gathering aims to re-imagine the gifts of reformational theology and ministry practice for the sake of God’s mission, through the whole church, both now and into the future. We invite you into a significant conversation on the continuing reformation of the church.

This event, co-organized and designed in partnership with the groups named below, is the second in our ongoing Once & Future Mission Series.

The Once & Future Mission Series is dedicated to recognizing the gifts of our various traditions up to today and re-imagining those gifts for the future of mission. We seek to do this by bringing these gifts into conversation with other parts of the Body of Christ so that a “fusion of horizons” can begin to take shape – one that we believe will be necessary for the future of mission in North America.

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Jared Ayers


David Bailey


Tod Bolsinger


Peter Choi

Moses Chung

Ruth Padilla DeBorst

Carl Ellis Jr.


David Fitch


Carolyn Custis James


Jin Kim


Shannon Kiser

Kyuboem Lee


Cherith Nordling

Carla Sunberg


Corey Widmer


Cory Willson