June 18, 2011 / David Fitch

Me and Max on Father’s Day via Twitter: 5 Reflections on Leadership in 140 Characters or Less

To all the fathers and mothers out there, on this Father’s day, here’s 5 tweets recording some conversations between me and my 6 year-old son Max (yes I know I don’t look young enough for that). They reflect some hard won lessons on leadership as well as some of my better moments as a father. I admit I have much to learn eh? So please add your own tweets to these  … to help push us all forward into raising our children into God’s inbreaking Kingdom!  (FYI the inserted picture is of all three of us having just got out of bed this past Christmas morning in Indiana).

Tweet 1: Just told Max: You don’t tell people what to do. You invite them to do something with you. Leadership lesson #1 accomplished

Tweet 2: To Max whining about being 1st in line: Go to the back of the line. The 1st shall be last. U can’t lead if u can’t follow. Leadership tip #2

Tweet 3: Max:”But I don’t want to” Me w/ love: Son, do it anyway. u can only grow up by doing the things u don’t want to. Leadership lesson #3

Tweet 4: To Max: You are an amazing little man, God created you, loves you and has big plans for you in His mission. The foundation of leadership

Tweet 5: Max complaining “I can’t wait, I can’t wait” Me: What is patience? Max: Waiting and trusting Daddy (and Mommy). Leadership lesson # 5 🙂