A Forward Looking Vision for Ministry & Theology in the Reformed Tradition

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We are so exited for this fast-approaching gathering, the second major event in our Once & Future Mission Series.

The Once & Future Mission Series is dedicated to recognizing the gifts of our various traditions up to today and re-imagining those gifts for the future of mission. We seek to do this by bringing these gifts into conversation with other parts of the Body of Christ so that a “fusion of horizons” can begin to take shape – one that we believe will be necessary for the future of mission in North America.,

Whereas our first gathering brought a focus on the Anabaptist tradition, this one will take an insightful look at the broader Reformed tradition, centering the voices and perspectives of a diverse range of women and men who can speak to the gifts of Reformational theology and practice for the wider Body of Christ as we jointly seek a faithful engagement of God’s mission in our time.

Here’s just a sampling of some of the people and conversations that will shaping our time together:


Moses Chung, Tod Bolsinger, Peter Choi, Corey Widmer, Ruth Padilla Deborst, David Bailey, Carolyn Custis James, Jin S. Kim, Jared Ayers, Carl Ellis Jr., Cherith Nordling, Kyuboem Lee (and others!)


  • Finally Becoming Trinitarian: From Father, Son, and Holy Book to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • The Priesthood of All Believers as Counter-Imperial Witness
  • Freeing Reformed Theology from its Christendom Captivity
  • Semper Reformanda?: Recovering a Flexible, Contextual, Missional Ecclesiology for the Reformed Community
  • Reformed Outside Christendom: Theological Tools and Heroes for the New World
  • Formed, Not Found: Hearing and Heeding God’s Call for the Transformation of the World


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