A Leadership Transition Announcement from JR Rozko

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Dear Friends,

In the midst of a difficult and painful time such as this, I pray you are finding comfort, strength, and wisdom in the Lord.

I’m writing today to communicate some important and exciting news. This past December I shared with our board of directors that I believed God was making it clear to me that the time had come for me to step aside and create room for fresh leadership that could begin to inform and influence Missio Alliance in its next stage(s) of development.

This was, without exaggeration, one of the most difficult decisions of my life. The invitation to help launch Missio Alliance back in 2012 and then to help guide and shape its growth over these last 8.5 years has been one of the greatest honors and joys of my life. My love for Missio and my belief that it represents both a “space” and an “identity” of vital importance within the landscape of American Christianity is stronger than ever.

While all thanks and praise for anything good that has sprung forth from Missio Alliance ultimately belongs to God, I am unspeakably grateful for those whose friendship and investment has made it possible. And so, to board members past and present, to all the groups who have partnered with us along the way, to advisors and counselors, to donors, to all who have labored in prayer and volunteered their time, to the incredible cast of leaders who have comprised Missio’s staff team – regularly going above and beyond! – and finally, to each and every member of our community, I want to say, in the sincerest way possible, thank you. More than any public accomplishment or success we might point to, it is your friendship in the faith and your partnership in Jesus’ gospel of the kingdom of God that means the most.

I am also thrilled to get to announce that Missio’s board has unanimously affirmed and called Lisa Rodriguez-Watson to serve as the next National Director of Missio Alliance!

You will hear more from Lisa in the coming weeks, but allow me to offer my own words of affirmation.

Lisa is a leader of unparalleled qualification for this role. Coming to us from the Christian Community Development Association as their Leadership Development and Training Director, Lisa is an urban church planter and pastor whose leadership flows out of a life formed at the intersection of cross-cultural and international ministry and robust theological reflection. Lisa is a consummate developer of leaders and teams whose heart for reconciliation in all spheres of life has always been a constant encouragement and challenge to me.

In terms of the current momentum and favor that Missio Alliance currently enjoys, I simply cannot imagine a leader more suited to shepherding Missio Alliance toward the places that the Holy Spirit is inviting us!

I invite you to join me in welcoming and supporting Lisa as Missio’s new National Director as she steps into this role toward the end of this month. While I plan to remain relationally connected to Missio Alliance for years to come, my final day day as part of the staff team is Friday, July 10.

With the deepest gratitude and highest expectation for all the Lord has in store,

JR Rozko