ANNOUNCING: Malone University, Our Newest Alliance Partner

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As we continue to build partnerships with significant Christian organizations and institutions who share our prayer and passion for “A Church Reimagined for a World Recreated,” we are so pleased to welcome Malone University to our fellowship of Alliance Partners!

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The following was taken from a Malone University press release…

In a continued effort to demonstrate Christ’s Kingdom First to Stark County and beyond, Malone University has partnered with Missio Alliance, an organization that unites pastors, practitioner-theologians, and universities in the interest of cross-cultural and interdenominational collaboration around biblically-grounded theology.

Regarding this partnership, Malone’s president, David King, said…

It is our goal, through the Missio Alliance partnership, to join like-minded institutions and other Christian leadership in the task of making God’s mission known to the greater community. We frequently encourage our students to think critically about what the Bible says regarding God’s kingdom on a global scale, seeing beyond what we know of life here in northeast Ohio and praying for increased sensitivity to lean into what we don’t yet know. I anticipate that Missio Alliance will serve as another resource for the good work we do with our students as well as the community at large. Missio Alliance is known for their unique niche in missional conversation among pastors, shifting it from being primarily academic to grassroots within neighborhoods and communities.

Not only are we excited to have Malone joining us as an Alliance Partner whose work and initiatives we look forward to sharing across our platforms, but we are also tremendously grateful that Malone is providing us with office space and services as a sort of “home base” for our operations.

One of our Executive Directors, JR Rozko, had this to offer…

I have a deep and abiding love for Malone University. As both a graduate and committed alum, I have had a first-hand opportunity to observe Malone’s commitment to their motto, ‘Christ’s Kingdom First.’ Not only does Malone have a world-class faculty and staff whose character and expertise combine to produce a flourishing community and students, but it also boasts a 125 year legacy of being locally concerned and engaged as a University. I have known for years that Malone has much to offer the wider Christian world and I am hopeful that this partnership will play a role in helping many others make that same discovery.

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