Announcing: Meet Juliet Liu, Our New Editorial Director

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Two years ago Missio Alliance launched an experiment in online publishing. Rather than maintaining a traditional “blog” or simply being a platform for individuals to host their own writing, we established four Writing Collectives and began to grow a diverse Writing Team of theological practitioners who were invited to write across each of those spaces. In focusing on the core areas of Culture, Formation, Theology, and Witness, we have sought to develop what we see as a ministry of writing to resource theological practitioners for mission.

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To date, we have published over 400 articles by this team of writers, along with a number of guest contributors. On any given day about 1.5k people visit our site and collectively view about 4k pages, nearly all of those being visits to the articles we have published. Needless to say, our approach and efforts toward online publishing are a very significant part of both our identity and work.

Alongside serving as Co-Executive Director of Missio Alliance, I have greatly enjoyed the opportunity and challenges that have come along with pioneering this dimension of our ministry in functioning as our Editorial Director. It’s been my joy to help shape and curate a space of online publishing that reflects our values of comprehensive mutuality, hopeful witness, and church in mission. However, I want to be quick to acknowledge that whatever success we have had in this area and whatever help we have been to our audience is mainly due to our amazing team of writers and those on our staff team who help in editorial capacities. Partnerships and teamwork are the bedrock of Missio Alliance and this area of our ministry is no exception!

However, as the horizon of needs and opportunities before Missio Alliance continues to expand, and as we want to continue to see this particular dimension of our work mature in its influence and impact, I am excited to introduce our new Editorial Director, Juliet Liu!

Juliet brings an unbelievable amount of skills, capacity, and perspective to this important role. She is a theologically trained pastor and professor, a gifted communicator, a wife and mother, and a seasoned ministry practitioner with a keen awareness of the essential issues facing the Church and Christian leaders today. Juliet has written several important articles herself such as, “I Came to Christ at a Church That Loves Refugees” and “The King Who Weeps,” but more importantly she shares our desire to build a platform for a diverse team of voices to speak into the issues of our day together.

Juliet will not only bring a new level of focused leadership to this area of our ministry, but she will undoubtedly make significant contributions to our efforts overall.

By way of commenting below, I hope you’ll join me in welcoming Juliet to the Missio Alliance team and ask for your prayers for her as she begins leading this area of our ministry, seeking God’s direction and provision for its future!

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