Announcing a Missio Alliance Line of Books in Partnership with InterVarsity Press

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One of the Christian publishers we are so pleased to have developed an excellent relationship over the last few years in InterVarsity Press. Not only do they regularly partner with us on gatherings and our online publishing efforts, but there is a tremendous amount of synergy between the kinds of leaders we are excited to set forth as writers and speakers on critical issues facing the Church.

We are incredibly glad, therefore, to have the opportunity to partner with IVP to create a co-branded line of books. A number of these titles have already been published with several more in the works. In the near future both we and IVP will be working on designated pages to showcase the growing list of titles in this series. Below is the IVP Press Release regarding this partnership followed by a summary of the nature of this series as it relates to the core priorities and values of Missio Alliance.

IVP Press Release

InterVarsity Press (IVP) and Missio Alliance are partnering together to release a jointly-branded line of books. With a number of IVP authors serving as key voices for the work of Missio Alliance, the two organizations have formally decided to leverage the natural synergies that exist between them for the benefit of both the IVP books included and of the Missio Alliance audience. According to JR Rozko, Co-Director of Missio Alliance,

InterVarsity Press represents one of the finest and most discerning publishers in the Christian publishing industry. We are thrilled to be partnering with our friends at IVP to highlight books that we believe will resource Christian leaders in specific and crucial ways given the challenges and opportunities of our day. For us, this means curating a series of books that both embody and address the issues of comprehensive mutuality, hopeful witness, and church in mission as vital to the health and integrity of the church.

The IVP titles that currently make up the IVP/Missio Alliance line include:

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redeeming-sex faithful-presence

Al Hsu, senior editor for IVP Books, said,

In today’s contemporary context, we increasingly need pastor/practitioners who can navigate both church and culture with theological savvy and pastoral insight. Missio Alliance provides those kinds of authors and books, and IVP is glad to cultivate such strategic voices.

The purpose of the partnership is to bring greater exposure of both organizations to each of their respective audiences and to highlight key voices that are associated with both IVP and Missio Alliance. The IVP editorial committee will collaborate with Missio Alliance on proposed titles that reflect the ethos and aims of Missio Alliance, and, in turn, the marketing teams for each organization will work together to promote those books and authors.

Helen Lee, IVP’s director of marketing, said,

We are delighted to be formalizing a partnership with Missio Alliance. So many of our key authors are already connected with this increasingly important voice in evangelicalism, and we share a theological identity that is reflected in this line of co-branded books. We look forward to including many more books and authors in this line in the years to come.

IVP will also be a co-sponsoring partner of Missio Alliance’s third North American gathering, Awakenings: The Mission of the Spirit as the Life of the Church, April 27-29, 2017, at Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA.

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Missio Alliance Series Summary

Missio Alliance has arisen in response to the shared voice of pastors and ministry leaders from across the landscape of North American Christianity for a new “space” of togetherness and reflection amid the issues and challenges facing the Church in our day. United by a desire for a fresh expression of evangelical faith, one significantly informed by the global evangelical family, Lausanne’s Cape Town Commitment, “A Confession of Faith and a Call to Action,” provides an excellent guidepost for our ethos and aims.

Through partnerships with schools, denominational bodies, ministry organizations, and networks of churches and leaders, Missio Alliance addresses the most vital theological and cultural issues facing the North American Church in God’s mission today. We do this primarily by convening gatherings, curating resources, and catalyzing innovation in leadership formation.

Rooted in the core convictions of evangelical Orthodoxy, the ministry of Missio Alliance is animated by a strong and distinctive theological identity that emphasizes:

Comprehensive Mutuality: Advancing the partnered voice and leadership of women and men among the beautiful diversity of the Body of Christ across the lines of race, culture, and theological heritage.

Hopeful Witness: Advancing a way of being the people of God in the world that reflects an unwavering and joyful hope in the Lordship of Christ in the Church and over all things.

Church in Mission: Advancing a vision of the local church in which our identity and the power of our testimony is found and expressed though our active participation in God’s mission in the world.

In partnership with InterVarsity Press, we are pleased to offer a line of resources authored by a diverse range of theological practitioners. The resources in this series are selected based on the important way in which they address and embody these values, and thus, the unique contribution they offer in equipping Christian leaders for fuller and more faithful participation in God’s mission.