Announcing a New Resourcing Effort from Missio Alliance: Hosted Podcasts

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For the last few years Missio Alliance has sought to build a platform for the sake of equipping North American church leaders for the new day of mission we are facing together. A few ways this has been expressed is through the convening of unique gatherings where a wide diversity of leaders have gathered for important conversations, through publishing online articles by a fantastic team of writers and Leading Voices, and through offering up a wide selection of downloadable presentations.

Today, we are extremely excited to announce a new dimension to our resourcing efforts, “Hosted Podcasts!”

Very soon we will have a new section of our website dedicated to providing a platform for select podcasts that we believe are especially relevant to the issues, aims, and objectives of our work.

The first two podcasts that we are looking forward to hosting are Theology on Mission, produced by David Fitch and Geoff Holsclaw and Seminary Dropout, produced by Shane Blackshear.

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Theology on Mission is a podcast dedicated to the relevance of theology for the life of the local church and all of us as believers. Both Dave and Geoff teach at Northern Seminary, but also pastor in local churches. This podcast is a window into how they (and other friends along the way) are looking to bring those worlds together.

Seminary Dropout, hosted by Shane Blackshear, is an interview based podcast. Over 100+ podcasts Shane has had the opportunity to sit down for conversations with a compelling array of Christian authors, leaders, and thinkers. Through insightful questioning and enlightening story-telling, Shane is able to produce a podcast that reaches and resources thousands of people.

While we couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with these friends to bring you these valuable podcasts, we are equally excited about the opportunities we are exploring to partner with still other podcast producers to continue building a library of current resources for those who, with us, envision “a church reimagined for a world recreated.”