Announcing: Not So Black and White Podcast featuring Sean Palmer and John Alan Turner

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Missio Alliance is pleased to announce a new podcast series with author, speaker, and thinker Sean Palmer and church leadership consultant, author, and speaker John Alan Turner.

Very few things in today’s world are as black and white as we wish they were. Most things fall somewhere in between. Sure, you know that when you go to the grocery store, you shouldn’t steal stuff, but what about gun control? What about immigration policy? Should Christians vote? Should you let your 12-year-old have a smart phone? Is there a real, live devil roaming around?

If you’re ready to talk about issues like a grown up, you’ll want to join Sean Palmer and John Alan Turner in their new podcast NOT SO BLACK AND WHITE,. They promise not to dodge the hard topics. They’ll dive in and talk about anything and everything under the sun, but don’t expect any easy answers.

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