Announcing the Monday Morning Pastor Podcast

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Missio Alliance is pleased to announce a partnership with the Monday Morning Pastor podcast featuring J.R. Briggs and Doug Moister. 

The Monday Morning Pastor (MMP) podcast has just entered its second season of weekly conversations created to encourage and equip vocational pastors and kingdom practitioners who are in the trenches of ministry.  

A new MMP episode releases every Monday morning. Why Monday mornings?

Because a large number of pastors are most discouraged and depleted on a Monday. 

Pastors resign most often on a Monday. 

Pastors have heart attacks and other health issues most often on a Monday. 

Monday morning is often the most difficult, discouraging, and lonely day of the week for pastors – and it’s the day that pastors most often need encouragement and replenishment. 

MMP created this space to give permission to pastors to be people first. 

Your Hosts

Podcast co-hosts J.R. Briggs and Doug Moister share thirty years of collective ministry experience. They served together as co-pastors for eight years at The Renew Community, a Jesus community in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Doug shared: “Pablo Picasso said, ‘If you want to change the culture, tell a better story.’ This is what we hope to do, too: to tell better stories of pastors who are staying faithful, living in health, and not giving up on the Church. We tell and hear stories of hope and encouragement in the midst of this unique place in culture where the negative ministry stories seem to get all the airtime.”

“Our hope,” Briggs added, “is to inspire and encourage pastors through stories and remind them why we stay in the game. It gives pastors hope and a safe place to take off their collar, robe or tie and be people who need to receive the good news on the day when we feel most vulnerable. We laugh. We cry. We tell stories. We offer help (but often without ‘the answers’). We offer hope. 

God Does Not Love Us Because of What We Do

And we remind each other we’re not crazy – and that God loves us not because of what we do, but because of who we are and more importantly, to whom we belong.”

This raw, honest, and yet hopeful podcast includes interviews with pastors from around the country who speak candidly and openly about their raw ministry experiences, while also acknowledging their trust rooted in Christ their King. Season 1 featured a wide range of guests (including Missio Alliance favorites such as Mandy Smith, A.J. Swoboda, and Cyd Holsclaw) on a wide range of topics (depression, burnout, loneliness, divorce, managing ministry stress, practical sabbath, cultivating healthy rhythms, planning for a sabbatical, and navigating mental health issues inside the church and in the life of the pastor).  

Each episode also provides reflection questions for kingdom leaders as well as practical resources for the pastoral journey.

MMP is an extension of the mission of Kairos Partnerships (, an organization founded by Briggs, which helps pastors flourish and kingdom leaders grow healthy through coaching, consulting, speaking, writing, teaching, and podcasting. 


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