Free Download: “Hearing God in Our Informational Echo Chambers” with Swoboda and Morse

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Each week, Missio Alliance gives away one free resource from our library.

This week’s resource is from Drs. MaryKate Morse and A.J. Swoboda  and is available for a free download from 9/11-9/18.

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Hearing God in Our Informational Echo Chambers

How to Decipher God’s Voice When We’re Drowning in Information Yet Thirsty for Transformation

This workshop will explore the pervasive problem of informational gluttony in Western culture and the church. We will explore how leaders can learn to hear Gods voice within that culture. We will present effective spiritual practices for individual and group discernment.

About MaryKate Morse

MaryKate Morse, PhD, is a Missio Alliance Leading Voice. She is professor of Leadership and Spiritual Formation in the seminary at Portland Seminary and is the Lead Mentor for the Doctor of Ministry in Leadership & Spiritual Formation.

MaryKate completed her doctorate at Gonzaga University where she studied the characteristics of renewal leadership as modeled by Jesus. She continues to explore how spiritual formation and effective leadership result in the transformation of individuals and communities especially for evangelists and front-line leaders in diverse cultural environments.

After her doctorate she planted two churches and served in various administrative positions at the university including Seminary Associate Dean, Director of Hybrid programs, and University Director of Strategic Planning.

She is a spiritual director and leadership mentor and coach, conference and retreat speaker, and author including Making Room for Leadership: Power, Space, and Influence and A Guidebook to Prayer.

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About A.J. Swoboda

Dr. A. J. Swoboda is a professor, author, and pastor of Theophilus in urban Portland, Oregon. He teaches theology, biblical studies, and Christian history at Portland and Fuller Seminaries, including a number of other universities and Bible colleges. He is the lead mentor of a Doctor of Ministry program on the Holy Spirit and Leadership at Fuller Seminary.

A.J. is also the director of Blessed Earth Northwest, a center that helps think creatively and strategically around creation care issues in the Pacific Northwest. Alongside this work, he serves as the director of the Seminary Stewardship Alliance—a consortium of Christian higher-ed schools that are thinking strategically about Christian training in creation care. Previously, A.J. served as a campus pastor at the University of Oregon. His doctoral research at the University of Birmingham (U.K.) explored the never-ending relationship between the Holy Spirit and ecology.

He is the author of The Dusty Ones (Baker), Tongues and Trees: Toward a Pentecostal Ecological Theology (JPTSup, Deo), and Introducing Evangelical Ecotheology (Baker Academic). You can find his website and blog at, or follow him on Twitter @mrajswoboda.