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One of the most exciting evolutions marked by the launch of this new site is the introduction of a new writing framework and the introduction of a team of Leading Voices.

For the last two years a superb group of primarily younger theological practitioners has worked together as a team to address a range of key issues and challenges facing the North American Church. Writing together on a single blog, these friends and numerous guest contributors have helped to establish the Missio Alliance website as go-to space of engaging, thoughtful writing for Christian leaders from across the spectrum of the evangelical family and beyond.

Moving forward, we’re excited to advance this work in two exciting ways.

  1. We are thrilled to announce that a number of seasoned theological practitioners are moving their online writing presence to the Missio Alliance website to join us as what we are calling Leading Voices.
  2. In addition, we are pioneering a new approach to online publishing. Rather than operating a single blog featuring multiple authors or merely becoming a host for a group of single-author blogs, we are launching a core set of Writing Collectives.

Here’s a bit more on both of these advances.

Writing Collectives

Anchored by a diverse group of Leading Voices and a regular Writing Team, Missio Alliance Writing Collectives provide space for resourcing and conversation among theological practitioners in the areas of Culture, Formation, Theology, and Witness.

The Culture Writing Collective
A space for critical, theological engagement with the cultural trends and events of our day.

The Formation Writing Collective
A space for reflections and perspectives on the task of forming Christian disciples and leaders.

The Theology Writing Collective
A space for unpacking theological perspectives as they relate to the faithful practice of ministry and mission.

The Witness Writing Collective
A space for exploring perspectives and practices that can deepen and enrich the witness of the local church.

​Leading Voices​

​Coming alongside our existing Writing Team is a new group of Leading Voices. This is a diverse group of women and men who have considerable theologically-driven ministry experience behind them, have proven themselves as trusted and influential Christian leaders, and whose voices we have come to see vital​ ​to​ ​faithfully shaping the issues and conversations ​​of our day​​.

Rather than simply hosting individual blogs for each of these Leading Voices or members of our Writing Team, our aim is to place the themes of the Writing Collectives front and center with each of these authors contributing to all of them from time to time. A collection of all the writing by a particular author will still be accessible on their personal author pages, but our hope is that by bringing a diverse range of voices to bear on a core set of themes, Missio Alliance Writing Collectives will provide a new and unique approach to what we see as a ministry of writing to resource theological practitioners for mission!

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Visit the Writing Team page to meet our Leading Voices and our Writing Team!