Introducing Two Books That Address a Key Problem for the Church

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At Missio Alliance, we strive to provide and promote resources that help to address certain key issues for the Church in the 21st Century. One of these is the issue of “Witness.” What does it mean for us to purposefully, missionally, be a witness of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom in today’s North America?

We’re thrilled that two of our Board Members have recently released books on these topics!

The Church as Movement: Starting and Sustaining Missional-Incarnational Communities

By J.R. Woodward (Missio Alliance Board Member) and Dan White, Jr.

‘The Church As Movement’ by JR Woodward and Dan White Jr. from InterVarsity Press on Vimeo.

From the Publisher:

Public gatherings are vital for movement, but too often in our approach to planting churches, we haven’t paid enough attention to the difficult grassroots work of movement: discipleship, community formation, and mission. This book will help you start missional-incarnational communities in a way that reflects the viral movement of the early New Testament church. JR Woodward (author of Creating a Missional Culture) and Dan White Jr. (author of Subterranean) have trained church planters all over North America to create movemental churches that are rooted in the neighborhood, based on eight necessary competencies:

  • Movement Intelligence
  • Polycentric Leadership
  • Being Disciples
  • Making Disciples
  • Missional Theology
  • Ecclesial Architecture
  • Community Formation
  • Incarnational Practices

The book features an interactive format with tools, exercises, and reflection questions and activities. It’s ideal for church planting teams or discipleship groups to use together. It’s not enough to understand why the church needs more missional and incarnational congregations.The Church as Movement will also show you how to make disciples that make disciples. This is the engine that drives the church as movement, so that everyday Christians can be present in the world to join God’s mission in the way of Jesus.


Embrace: God’s Radical Shalom for a Divided World

By Leroy Barber (Board Member)

Leroy Barber, Author of ‘Embrace’ from InterVarsity Press on Vimeo.

From the Publisher:

The walls between us seem impenetrable.

We live in an age of strife and division. Factors such as race, class, values and lifestyles keep us from connecting with others in meaningful ways. It’s easy to avoid or ignore those who make us uncomfortable and those we simply do not like, but God’s call to the church is to do just the opposite.

Leroy Barber has spent decades pursuing reconciliation and justice amongst groups of vastly diverse people. He knows the challenge of embracing those who are difficult to embrace, yet he advocates that the way to radical shalom on earth is through pursuing these relationships.

We have the opportunity as the people of God to bring true peace and unity to a world that desperately needs it. Embrace the challenge to show a divided world the bridge-building power of God’s love.