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Jo Saxton’s talk from SheLeads 2016 is this week’s featured resource, free from 8/7 to 8/13. This talk discusses what leadership means to women, from Jo Saxton who specializes in women’s leadership and helping other’s reach their potential. 


About the Resource

Deborah led a nation with it. Miriam led worship with it. Mary had it, Eunice and Lois invested it into their family, Priscilla taught with it, Junia pioneered with it. Yet many of today’s women leaders though gifted and called are perplexed, even intimidated by the idea of it.

This session explores how leaders can live and lead with spiritual authority – because the church and her mission are lifeless without it.

About Jo Saxton

Jo is an inspiring speaker, pastor and writer with a heart for women’s ministry, empowering women and helping them to serve the Lord in their full, unabashed calling.

She is the chair of the board of 3Dmovements, a non profit organization that seeks to change the world by putting discipleship and mission back into the hands of ordinary people.

She is passionate about leadership and has committed her life to training leaders to realize their God-given potential.

She is also the cohost of Lead Stories Podcast. They talk about leadership and about life, gathering a tribe of leaders who want to be intentional with their influence and use their gifts to serve a hurting world.

Saxton is also on the board of advisors for Today’s Christian Woman.

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Jo’s Books

High Heels and Holiness

Society has no problem telling women what they should be. It determines their dreams and expectations, and dictates how they should feel about their image, relationships and career. So how do we do life – friendship, money, men and the rest – with wisdom and integrity? As Christian women, where is our place in today’s culture?

More Than Enchanting

Women who doubt their influence, who struggle to accept their distinct strengths and talents for what they are–gifts given through them to the world–suffer for it. The church, and really all of society, suffers with them. Jo Saxton invites women to discover (or rediscover) the gifts and talents that God has vested in us, and more important, the calling he has placed on each of us to seek first the kingdom of God where we are.

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