Join N.T. Wright for an Exclusive Seminar

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Author, Bishop and professor N.T. “Tom” Wright, will join Missio Alliance for Awakenings: The Mission of the Spirit as the Life of the Church, April 27-29.

Now, you can be a part of an exclusive question and answer seminar with Professor Wright! While we expect a sold out crowd for the event, this seminar will be limited to select participants. Here’s how to join:

The format will be 100% Q&A for these students. Students who have been immersed in these courses will be able to converse with Tom and other N.T. Wright Online students to have a well-informed time of interaction.

More than just another seminar, it’s a celebration for those who have dedicated themselves to learning from the courses, and how knowing God through Scripture can renew our minds. This is an exclusive Q & A seminar for Awakenings attendees and N.T. Wright Online students. If you haven’t registered for Awakenings and gotten your coupon for Simply Jesus, register today!

If you have registered, email David Seemuth to get a major discount on additional courses.

Begin studying today, and write down your questions!

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