Meet Mandy Smith, This Year’s SheLeads Summit Director

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Welcome Mandy Smith!

We are incredibly excited to announce that Mandy Smith will be directing this year’s SheLeads Summit!

Besides serving as the Lead Pastor of University Christian Church and offering a vital voice as a prolific member of the Missio Alliance Writing Team, Mandy has been an advisor and engaged friend of Missio Alliance since our inception.

It’s hard for me to overstate how compelling of a leader I find Mandy to be. Her ability not only to bring her full self to the high calling of leading a congregation, but to do so with both courageous boldness and graceful humility, is something I am continually challenged by personally. As a local church pastor and author, she exemplifies the sort of character and convictions that define Missio Alliance. Mandy brings a passion and vision for this Summit that will further establish it as a catalyst for helping to (re)shape the Church’s imagination and practice with respect to the calling, equipping, and supporting of female leaders.

JR Rozko, Missio Alliance Co-Director

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Your Invitation to Join Us for SheLeads 2017

Last Fall over 500 women and men joined us for our very first multi-regional SheLeads Summit. More details will be coming very soon, but we hope you will save the date, Saturday, October 28, to join us for this year’s Summit.

The main venue for the Summit will be First Church of the Nazarene in Pasadena, CA. However, we will also be working with various partners to convene regional venues across the country where groups will assemble to view the live-stream of three major talks, hear from a local panel of leaders, and have conversation around tables together. There will also be options to assemble private groups or to connect personally from wherever you might be.

It’s time for women and men, together, to rediscover God’s vision for shared leadership in the Church and Christian ministry.

Because we believe that when we lead together, we see the family of God restored.

  • When we lead together, we learn a new vocabulary for mission.
  • When we lead together, we better reflect the person of Christ.
  • When we lead together, we more fully embody Jesus’ gospel.

It’s out of these convictions that Missio Alliance has created the SheLeads Summit.

The Summit exists to encourage and equip our sisters and to welcome our brothers as we imagine together where God is leading His Church, for the blessing of the nations.

Will you join us for this honest, grace-filled and hopeful conversation?

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You can host the Summit in your city! Either as a public, regional venue or in a private home or church group. Email us more info.

**Check out the talks from the 2016 Summit here!**