NORTHERN LIVE: Streaming Seminary to You

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Have you ever thought about seminary, but worried there are no affordable or accessible options?

Have you looked into distance education but been discouraged by the impersonal nature & dated content of the courses?


Northern Seminary presents “Live-Streaming Seminary.”  Engage in a vibrant classroom experience and dialogue with our premier professors from anywhere in the world.  Location is no longer an obstacle to quality theological education.

Lombard, ILNorthern Seminary introduces Northern Live, a new way to deliver seminary education via interactive Live Streaming. Northern Live utilizes the latest in audio-visual technology to create a real-time learning environment accessible from anywhere in the world. This innovative equipment will enable students to login from anywhere for live classes with Northern’s renowned faculty.

Two of Northern’s newest Masters programs, the Master of Arts in New Testament, and Master of Arts in Theology and Mission, will be offered through Northern Live as pilot programs in Fall 2016. Northern Live will enable students to stay in their current context and ministries while obtaining a Masters degree.

Dean of Academic Affairs, Karen Walker Freeburg has been a driving force in seeing Northern Live come about and shares one of the major benefits of Northern Live,

Traditional seminary education requires leaders to pull up their roots and move to a seminary campus or quit their full time vocation in order to earn a degree over the next three to five years.  Seminary education via Northern Live allows strong leaders to remain employed, living in neighborhoods where they are making a difference and serving as leaders within their own growing church.  Through Northern Live, we come to them.   We come not through static content they will read on their computer screen, but through world-class faculty and peers engaging them while they remain where God has planted them.  What could be better?”

Traditional online education often precludes the live face-to-face interaction between professors and students, which plays a critical role in the formation of students. But with Northern Live, distance students interact in real time with Northern’s world-class faculty and students. According to Jason Gile, Northern’s Associate Dean, “state-of-the-art technology enables seamless communication between those in the classroom and those connected remotely, allowing distance students to interact with the professor and participate in class discussions.”

This initiative is a direct response to the on-going rise in cost for higher education and the need for increased accessibility to quality theological education.

To see this new technology in action, join us online for a live web demonstration on May 10, 2016 at 7pm (CST).
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