SheLeads is happening on October 28… and 29… and 30 and…

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Given that we’re preparing for our second annual SheLeads Summit, it might be easy to imagine SheLeads is an event. But based on the conversations we’re having with friends all over the country, we see that SheLeads is not only an event, but the beginning of a movement.

We’re hearing men say…

Thank you for helping me support the women on my staff and in my family.

Thank you for providing hopeful ways forward!

We’re hearing women say…

Thank you for showing me I’m not alone.

Thank you for stretching my imagination of how God can use me.

And we’re watching healing happen in the Church.

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And so, as much as we’re pouring energy into the summit on Oct 28 and we can’t wait to see what God has in store for that one day (see here how to take part), we sense we’ve been given something even bigger to steward.

Here are three simple ways to be part of this gathering momentum:

  1. Watch Recordings of Summits Online

    If you’re not able to take part on Oct 28 you won’t miss out! We’re excited to be able to offer recordings for you to watch after the summit (and last year’s summit recordings are already available here). Just register to livestream and you’ll automatically be given access to the recordings as soon as they’re available (register as an individual or group, based on how you’re planning to use the recording.)
  2. Read SheLeads articles in the Missio Alliance Writing Collectives

    We’re blessed to have many gifted Missio Alliance authors who are willing to share their experiences and longing as we figure out together how to share Church leadership. For example, read how SheLeads Summit host, Tara Beth Leach, stirs our imaginations for what takes place when a woman preaches. Or reflect, with Nikki Toyama-Szeto, on the ordinariness and heroism of Mary. Or see what David Fitch has to say about what a church plant teaches us about women in ministry.
  3. Join us in this prayer

    We pray for every sister, around the world.
    Young and old. Rich and poor. Single and married.
    Give every one of your daughters courage to follow where you’re leading.
    Give us all courage to discern together how to share leadership of your Church.
    And as we find peace between brothers and sisters, may we find healing in the Body.
    We pray against spirits of fear and dissension, against a spirit of scarcity.
    Give us new eyes, to see one another in new ways, to see our calling in new ways.
    To be the Church in new ways.
    For the healing of the nations.
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