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I’ve heard many say that they sensed something significant at work at the Awakenings Gathering in April. Some of those experiences of the Spirit took place during the scheduled sessions and some took place in the hallways and nearby cafes. For me one of the most significant experiences happened over lunch.

As we ate, the conversation turned to our grief for the brokenness between men and women and the way the world’s approach to gender affects women, even in the church. It was beautiful how this gathering of men and women turned not to dispute or bitterness but lament and longing. And so our shared longing turned into passionate prayer—we stood, wrapped our arms around each other’s shoulders and prayed for every sister in every place around the world to step with freedom into her calling, for her own healing but also for the healing of the Church. We prayed that as our beautiful Church herself is healed, that we would see healing in the world. It felt seminal.

Little did I know that just a few months later I’d be part of the team planning this year’s SheLeads gathering. As a participant in Missio Alliance gatherings and a regular writer for Missio Alliance, I have watched this movement’s unique, prophetic voice in the American Church, calling us forward to a new day. And within that broader prophetic voice, I can see a beautiful way that Missio Alliance is daring to dream of blessed alliance between men and women. We are daring to stepping into this reality that we’ve been promised and describe to others what we’re finding in this new place.

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Won’t you be part of this moment? For the healing of our sisters? And ourselves? For the healing of the bride of Christ? For the healing of the Nations?

Men and Women are invited to be part of the SheLeads Summit Oct 28. Join us in Pasadena, at one if the 8 (and counting!) regional venues around the country, or view the event via livestream wherever you are. If you want to bring SheLeads to your city, let us know!

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