#SheLeads For Our Sons and Daughters: A Spirit-Prompted Invitation

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The ministry of Missio Alliance believes strongly in the ongoing, active, and discernible ministry of the Holy Spirit. This conviction runs through our all our efforts related to helping pastors and other Christian leaders think theologically about their work as well as helping theologians think practically and pastorally about theirs.
Earlier this week the Holy Spirit delivered what some might call a “prophetic word” (or, as Dallas Willard was fond of saying, the “inaudible voice of the Spirit that was so clear it may as well have been audible”) to one of our co-directors concerning the upcoming #SheLeads Summit. This word had specifically to do with God’s intention for the #SheLeads Summit to address the equipping future generations of leaders.
In essence, it was a prompt for us to make it very affordable – even at a loss for Missio Alliance – for anyone attending the Summit to bring their children at a significantly reduced cost. Upon hearing this news and discerning together, Co-Directors Chris Backert and JR Rozko immediately agreed;
We know that the reality of women and men leading together is both a theological and practical issue that is crucial in our generation. Yet, Jesus, in his wisdom, knows that the real area of opportunity is helping our children re-imagine leadership for the church in theirs.
Thus, all current and future registrants for the #SheLeads Summit will be given a code to bring their children at the very minimal cost of $25. This is the lowest price Missio Alliance can give without negatively impacting our hosts and partners. Each parent needs to decide if their children are at an appropriate age to participate in the Summit. Our estimation is that this opportunity will largely apply to those in 8th grade or above, though it is open to younger children if they are capable of engaging the whole day.
Though we may not have the benefit of seeing it in the immediate future, we hope and pray that our desire to follow the Spirit’s leading in this area will yield tremendous fruit as young minds, hearts, and imaginations are exposed to God’s desire for all his children to partner in the calling of Christian leadership together.
If you are already registered for #SheLeads, be on the lookout for an email about how to register any children you may want to bring at this lowest possible rate.
If you are not yet registered, join us in Chicago or at one of the Regional Venues by registering here. When you register you will receive an email with a discount code for any children you want to bring with you.