The State and Future of Bivocationalism in Ministry (Join the Survey!)

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In recent years the idea and practice of bivocationalism in ministry has risen in prominence. While this has been an ongoing, yet sporadic conversation here at Missio Alliance, it’s fascinating to observe that entire blogs and conferences have been created to bring a focus on the concept of bivocationalism. In light of that, we are excited to be partnering with our friends at the mission place to put forth a survey that will help us dig into the realities of how bivocationalism is currently understood and practiced amongst a variety of people.

We recognize that in some instances, as full-time ministry jobs become less available, people are exploring bivocationalism out of necessity. In other cases, some are intentionally pursuing bivocationalism as an approach to leadership that they feel is more biblically or missionally appropriate for the ministry to which they feel called. In all cases, it seems that the particular time in which we are living as North American Christians has served to advance conversations and experiments when it comes to being bivocational.

But what is really going on as people press into bivocationalism? 

How are people – from those attempting to live and minister as bivocational leaders to those merely interested in the concept of bivocationalism – understanding and experiencing bivocationalism?

What are the implications of bivocationalism for churches, ministries, or even for entire denominational systems?

We think these are important questions facing the Church and ministry leaders in our day and it’s why we were thrilled when our friends at the mission place reached out to us about conducting a strong survey to help us better understand how different kinds of people understand bivocationalism as well as how those who are living bivocationally view and are experiencing this model of ministerial leadership.

Who should take this survey?

There are 4 main types of people that we hope will participate in this survey:

  1. Bivocational ministers (those actively leading in a church/ministry context who also work in a second context)
  2. Non-bivocational ministers (those exclusively leading in a church or ministry context)
  3. Parishoners (those not formally leading in a church or ministry context, but who have opinions about bivocational ministry)
  4. Denominational leaders (those who oversee the leadership of church systems in which bivocationalism does or may play a role)

If you fit one of those categories, we would greatly appreciate your participation in this survey, which should take about 10 minutes to complete.

As a small token of our appreciation, everyone who participates will receive a code for free access to a number of downloadable resources from the Missio Alliance site.

Also, while all information provided in the survey will remain strictly confidential, we plan to publish a number of articles highlighting key insights gleaned from this survey once the survey closes.

Thanks again for your participation!

Take the survey!

(available March 7 – March 26)

The survey is now closed. Thanks for you interest. 

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