Telling a Better Story of Gender Dynamics: #ChurchTogether 2018

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We don’t have to look far to see a story of brokenness between men and women—it shapes us into caricatures. It tells us we’ll never get along. This old story of gender dynamics is told daily in our culture and, sadly, has also shaped the story of men and women in the Church. This year the #metoo moment brought to the surface some of the most disturbing parts of this story and the #churchtoo moment forced us to confront how much the brokenness of the world has entered the Church.

How do we address the brokenness that has led us to #churchtoo and journey with hope into #churchtogether? These are the kinds of questions we’re asking at this year’s SheLeads Summit: ChurchTogether.

God has a better story for his sons and daughters, one that restores us as individuals and as a body. What is that story? We, women and men, are being reconciled one to another, put back into a beautiful and flourishing alliance in which together we can fully bear forth the image of God. This better story sends us out with Good News to a broken world.

The promise of Galatians 3 is radical—that in Christ there is no male or female. We are no longer divided, but made one. It’s as radical today as it was in the first century. It’s a vision that gives us hope. Although we haven’t yet seen it in its fullness, we believe that when we embrace the promise that we are all children of God, all clothed with the same Christ, we are One. We choose to set aside the small, false narratives of the world that keep us apart to embrace this hope that our freedoms are interwoven, that even the hard work it takes to understand and welcome one another as brothers and sisters is work that teaches us to embrace the Kingdom.

We are joining God as he restores a Church where women can flourish and are welcomed, as whole people, to use their voice and gifts.

We are joining God as he restores a Church where men welcome women to lead alongside them, learning from them and honoring them as sisters.

We are joining God as he restores a Church where we can carry God’s promises into the world together as brothers and sisters, full partners in this mission to which we are all called.

As they see the new oneness we’re finding, may it bring hope to a broken world.

From our inception, Missio Alliance has always been committed to this vision of the restored alliance between men and women, promoting it through our Writing Collective articles, webinars, and gatherings. In 2016, Missio Alliance created the SheLeads summit which has become a central part of that initiative. We’re excited to announce that plans are underway for our third summit, ChurchTogether, on November 10, 2018. We look forward to continuing the conversation and welcoming even more voices.

We hope you will join us. You can take part in various ways:

  • Join us for our live venue in Pasadena.
  • Take part in a regional venue (locations to be announced)
  • Host a regional venue (more information soon on our website)
  • Host an informal viewing party in your own home, church, or seminary
  • Watch wherever you are online.

Join us in this restoration project of:

leading the #ChurchTogether,

       reimagining the #ChurchTogether,

              being the #ChurchTogether.

#ChurchTogether 2018