The Lost Women of the Bible are coming to Pennsylvania!

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Coming to Souderton, PA to be exact. 

Update:  January 26, Pennsylvanians were still digging out from the weekend blizzard. So the first class was cancelled. This course officially begins Tuesday, February 2. The final class will still be Tuesday, March 29. 

Beginning January 26, I will be teaching a 10 week class on my book, Lost Women of the Bible: The Women We Thought We Knew. The class will be held in Souderton, PA at Calvary Church as part of the Winter-Spring Women’s Bible Studies

Who are the lost women of the Bible? 

They aren’t the so-called bad girls of the Bible. Nor are they marginal characters in the Bible. The lost women are among the most familiar figures in the Bible—Eve, Sarah, Hagar, Tamar, Esther, Mary of Nazareth, and others. But they get lost anywayin their own stories and in their walk with God.  

Sadly, we’ve lost them too because we look at them through American eyes. That diminishes their significance and inevitably obscures the strong role models they become when they find their center in God and step up to face the battles he calls them to engage.   

Learning more about their world and digging deeper into their stories unleashes the power of their stories in new, life-changing ways.  

We need these women’s stories because we get lost in our stories too. The life of faith isn’t easy. There are bends in the road we didn’t see coming and battles God calls us to engage. The lost women have made this journey before us. They are wise guides who offer us the hope and strength we need as we answer God’s calling on our lives and walk with him in a complicated, messy, and very broken world. 

If you live anywhere near Souderton, I hope you’ll consider coming and joining in a robust discussion as we reclaim the lost women of the Bible. 

If you don’t live within traveling distance, or for some other reason can’t join us, you can still read the book, which some readers have described as “life-changing”—Lost Women of the Bible: The Women We Thought We Knew.

Tuesdays, January 26-April 19

No Charge

Calvary Church
820 Route 113
Souderton, Pennsylvania 18964

The Women of Calvary Church 
welcome any interested women to attend!
For more information and to register, go here.