Watch: Five Voices of a Growing Movement for Women and Men Leading Together

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I confess I can be a little jaded about technology because of all the ways it breaks down community.

But recently I got to spend the afternoon with five fabulous folks in California, all without leaving my home in Ohio.

Through the wonders of technology, I caught up with presenters for our upcoming SheLeads summit and heard their passions for this conversation about how men and women can lead the Church together.

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Todd Hunter (founding bishop of The Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others and the founding pastor of Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Costa Mesa, CA), shared his longing for healing of relationships between men and women. It was a great foretaste of his summit presentation: “Shared Leadership Renews our Imagination of God’s work of Recreation.”

Nancy Ortberg (CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ), reminds us that God has always had in mind a community of diversity. The more we keep before us a vision of what’s possible and push through obstacles that keep us from serving together, the more we become the church God has always had in mind. I can’t wait to hear more in her plenary session: “Shared Leadership Renews our Imagination of the Church’s Mission.”

Pastor Jean Burch, senior pastor of Community Bible Church of Greater Pasadena, shares her hopes that we might open ourselves to new ways of understanding what God is doing in the world today. It’s going to be wonderful to hear from Pastor Jean on October 28 as she speaks on the topic of “Shared Leadership Renews our Imagination of God’s Calling through the Shaping of our Stories.”

Alexia Salvatierra, Lutheran pastor, community organizer and professor, reminds us that the Lord needs his whole body to be working well and working together, casting a vision of the body’s need for the voices of women. It’s going to be great to hear more from Alexia as she takes part in the Pasadena panel on October 28.

JR Rozko, co-founder of Missio Alliance, shares how the vision of SheLeads grows from the questions Missio Alliance itself is asking—what is the mission and purpose of the church, especially as the US becomes more and more post-Christian. For JR an integral part of the church’s rediscovery of its identity and mission involves learning how to invite women into leadership. So it will be great to hear his perspective as he shares on our Pasadena panel on October 28.

Our brief video call was just a tiny foretaste of the conversations and connections that will take place on October 28 when, once more, by the wonders of technology, these presentations at our gathering in Pasadena will be live streamed all over the nation to 13 different venues and directly to your own computer.

We hope you’ll join us, either by coming to Pasadena, joining a venue near you or livestreaming it with your friends or church or colleagues wherever you are.

You can register for SheLeads HERE.