Advent Meditation: Mary Consoles Eve (Repost)

“The knot of Eve’s disobedience was untied by Mary’s obedience. For what the virgin Eve tied by her unbelief, this Mary untied by her belief.” Ireneus

Do you know the Deliverance Song women echoed in Mary’s Magnificat?

This Betwixt Podcast Advent Meditation explores the daughter’s of Eve who not only expected God’s salvation, but to play a part in his salvation plan. Their stories are traced in this image as Mary Consoles Eve.

Three woman in particular arose to cooperate with God’s plan of salvation and helped craft the tradition of Deliverance Song. We hear their “Yes!” to God and battle cries echoed in Mary’s magnificent anthem of revolution.

Listen in as we meditate on this crayon and pencil image of Mary consoling Eve created by Sr Grace Remington at Our Lady of the Mississippi Abbey in Iowa.

The episode ends with an Advent Pantoum exercise. You can download a copy of it here and join along.

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Thanks to these musicians for making their work available for use:

Ryvoli: Roots

Jon Luc Hefferman:  A Storm at Eilean Mor

Kai Engel: Neon Flesh, Idea, Run, Fyeri,

Lee Rosevere: Taking the Time