Change: Dr. Lynn Cohick on Unlocking the Role of Women in Church History

A World of Difference
A World of Difference
Change: Dr. Lynn Cohick on Unlocking the Role of Women in Church History

Join host Lori Adams-Brown on A World of Difference as she sits down with Dr. Lynn Cohick, a New Testament professor and author of “A Second Edition Dictionary of Paul in His Letters.” Lori discusses Dr. Cohick’s journey as a professor, her love for scriptures, and her contribution to including more women’s voices in the conversation around Paul and Paul’s letters. Cohick shares about her writing and scholarship and how she has dug deep into understanding and representing what women were doing in the ancient church. They also discuss how women played a large role in the formation of Christian theology and liturgy. The discussion moves to the challenges women face in male-dominated industries such as biblical studies, theology, and academia and how they have to work twice as hard as men to be perceived at the same level. Cohick encourages women to take risks and not be afraid to fail. They then discuss the importance of acknowledging gender stereotypes and biases and the need to break free from them. The podcast ends with a sneak peek of a Patreon-exclusive interview where Cohick shares about her experience in times of suffering. Don’t miss this thought-provoking episode of A World of Difference with host Lori Adams-Brown and guest Dr. Lynn Cohick.

Lynn H. Cohick (Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania) is a Professor of NT. She served as Provost at both Northern Seminary and Denver Seminary. She taught NT for over 15 years at Wheaton College. Her books include The Letter to the Ephesians in the NICNT; Christian Women in the Patristic World: Their Influence, Authority, and Legacy in the Second through the Fifth Centuries (co-authored with Amy Brown Hughes; Philippians in the Story of God CommentaryEphesians in New Covenant Commentary; Women in the World of the Earliest Christians.

[00:00:02] Introduction of Dr. Lynn Cohick’s new book

[00:03:53] Women’s History in Early Christianity

[00:07:56] Women’s Role in Church History

[00:12:22] Independent Women in Ancient World

[00:16:38] Interpretation in Diverse Communities

[00:21:28] Challenges faced by women in male-dominated spaces

[00:26:11] Overcoming Patriarchal Norms in Women’s Careers

[00:30:09] Challenging Gender Biases in Education and Careers

[00:34:06] Challenging Paul’s Views on Women in Scriptures

[00:38:26] Interpretation of 1 Timothy 2

[00:42:39] Biblical verse on women’s salvation and cultural context

[00:46:18] Farewell to Dr. Cohick and acknowledgement of difficult situation

[00:49:43] Exclusive Interview with Dr. Cohick on Spiritual Practices

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