Change: Dr. Nijay Gupta- Uncovering Her Story: How Women Led in the Early Church

A World of Difference
A World of Difference
Change: Dr. Nijay Gupta- Uncovering Her Story: How Women Led in the Early Church

n this episode of the World of Difference podcast, Dr. Nijay Gupta, a Hindu background Christian and seminary professor, uses his privilege to uncover the hidden female figures in the New Testament and challenge the long-standing patriarchal lens on the Bible to foster an atmosphere of equality and inclusion in the church.

“Just like that with the Bible. And we have failed. I have failed in the past to see these women, to recognize them, to admire them, and to tell their story.” – Dr. Nijay Gupta

Dr. Nijay Gupta is a professor at Northern Seminary of New Testament and author of the book “Tell Her Story: How Women Led, Taught, and Ministered in the Early Church”. He is a Hindu background Christian who has dedicated his life to studying the Bible and training Christian leaders.

Dr. Nijay Gupta was raised in a Southern Baptist denomination and experienced a male-centric view of the Bible. He realized that many of the stories about the women in the Bible had been hidden, and set out to make them known. After many years of research and writing, he released his book, “Tell Her Story,” which explores the roles of women in the Bible, and their importance. He explains how the cultural and socioeconomic status of these women was incredibly important to understand their stories, and how they were able to lead, despite the patriarchal views of the time. Dr. Gupta hopes that by uncovering the hidden figures of the New Testament, the Church will be able to recognize the importance of women’s voices and use their God-given gifts for the benefit of all.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. Exploring the nuance of women leading in the early church, how has the long-standing tradition of egalitarian theology impacted the way we view women in the Bible today?

2. Examining the role of women in the church, how can we create an environment of shoulder-to-shoulder collaboration between male and female leaders?

3. Leveraging male privilege to elevate women, how can we use our male privilege to create a space for women to use their God-given gifts and preach the gospel?



Order Tell Her Story here.

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Chapter Summaries:


Dr. Nijay Gupta is a professor at Northern Seminary of New Testament. He is the author of a book called tell Her Story. How Women Taught Led. We’re thrilled to have him on the church during Women’s History Month.


Dr. Nijay Gupta is on the World of Difference podcast today. He talks about his new book, Tell Her Story. He says it’s moving towards spring in California. People are really excited for your book release.


Lori: What brought you into being interested in biblical studies? Lori: I grew up in a Hindu family, became a believer in Jesus as a teenager. I’ve been teaching for almost 15 years. I love the work I do. Lori: It really is important to me to know who was part of the translation process.


There’s been a lot of misunderstanding around women in the New Testament. The author changed her mind after doing a blog series called Why I Believe in Women in Ministry. Tell us more about the book and what readers are going to gain from it.


A lot of my book is about stepping out of some of the artificial frameworks we use. Where women were teachers, apostles, prisoners for the Lord. It’s far past time that we give them the credit that is owed to them. The church job or office of pastor is a modern phenomenon.


Lydia is a businesswoman. Paul preaches to her, and her whole household is converted. She is a natural leader, and the apostles don’t chide her for that. When we’re not letting women use their Godgiven gifts in the church, we all miss out.


Southern Baptist Convention has kicked out Saddleback Church in California. Lori Penny: In many churches where it looks as though women can lead, but in reality they’re not really leading. Penny: We need to return to some older ways of careful, honest, authentic, open, vulnerable discipleship.


Paul says Junior is a prisoner for the sake of the Gospel. She represents what we think of as the first generation of Christianity. Just imagining the bravery and the faith of these women that we don’t talk enough about inspired this book.


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