Change Makers EPS 63: Christina Corpus on Running as the First Female Candidate for Sheriff in San Mateo, California, Being a Latina Police Officer, and Her Insider’s Perspective on #DefundthePolice

A World of Difference
A World of Difference
Change Makers EPS 63: Christina Corpus on Running as the First Female Candidate for Sheriff in San Mateo, California, Being a Latina Police Officer, and Her Insider's Perspective on #DefundthePolice

Christina Corpus, candidate for San Mateo County Sheriff 2022. Christina is the first female candidate to run for Sheriff in San Mateo County. Christina is currently the Chief of Police services for the City of Millbrae.

If elected in June, 2022, she will be the first Latina Sheriff in the state of California.

Christina Corpus is the daughter of immigrants from Nicaragua and Mexico. She was born and raised in the Bay Area, where she has lived her entire life. Growing up, her mother instilled in her a strong work ethic, and she has been working since she was sixteen years old. As she entered adulthood, she was drawn to public service. She began her career with San Mateo County as a caseworker with the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office in 1995.


Serving the public was a rewarding experience and Christina quickly realized that law enforcement was how she wished to grow as a professional and inspire young women that looked like her. She applied to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office and was hired as a Correctional Officer in 2002. She was quickly promoted to Deputy Sheriff and worked primarily in the North Fair Oaks area, a predominantly Latino community. There, Christina met her husband, John, who is also a law enforcement officer for the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

Over her decades-long career at the Sheriff’s Office, Christina has served in the Corrections Division, Professional Standards, and the Operations Division. Most of her career has been heavily involved with community policing, first as a Deputy, and then as the Director of the Sheriff’s Office Community Alliance to Revitalize our Neighborhood. After she was promoted to Sergeant, she returned to Community Policing as a supervisor. As she advanced in her career, Christina realized she wanted to deepen her understanding of law enforcement with more education. This drive led Christina to enroll in Union Institute and University, where she completed a bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement Leadership.

After being promoted to Sergeant and serving as Community Policing Supervisor, Christina was promoted to Lieutenant and oversaw the entire Community Policing Bureau. She later became the Commander of Bayside Patrol and managed the Community Policing Unit, the School Resource Unit, Field Training Unit, K-9 Unit, Motor Unit, and the Sheriff’s Activities League program. When she was promoted to Captain, she continued to oversee the Bayside Patrol Bureau. Recently, she became Chief of Police Services for the City of Millbrae.

Christina has always taken pride in being a problem solver. Throughout her career, she has championed several innovative programs to re-imagine modern law enforcement in San Mateo County:

  • Women in Law Enforcement Boot Camp and Symposium to mentor and train women seeking a career in law enforcement
  • BOLO-Wrap, a restraint device to humanely immobilize combative or resistive individuals.
  • Project Guardian, in which law enforcement officers receive special training and a system of advisory alerts to inform them on when they are contacting a person on the autistic spectrum, and how to safely diffuse the situation
  • I’mpossible running program, which uses running as a conduit to self-respect, self-love, and, through education, dedication and hard work, the self-esteem based belief that anything is possible
  • Officer Survey program, which allows community members to provide feedback on the service they receive from our Sheriff’s deputies

Aside from her work with the Sheriff’s Office, Christina also serves as a board member for Lifemoves, Casa Circulo Cultural, and the Sheriff’s Activities League. She completed a Masters of Science Degree in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership from the University of San Diego and received her degree in August 2021. When she’s not working, studying or sitting on a board, Christina enjoys spending time with her husband, John, and their two children, 12-year-old Gianna and 10-year-old Jacob.

If you are in San Mateo county, CA, please consider voting for Christina in June, 2022.

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