Christa Brown on Baptistland: Exposing Clergy Abuse and Institutional Betrayal in the SBC, Part 2

A World of Difference
A World of Difference
Christa Brown on Baptistland: Exposing Clergy Abuse and Institutional Betrayal in the SBC, Part 2

Does it sound familiar to be promised change in a faith community, only to be let down time and time again? Perhaps you’ve been told that praying and hoping for change is the answer, but the pain of unfulfilled promises and ongoing trauma lingers. Are you tired of empty words and unmet expectations, especially when it comes to addressing clergy sexual abuse and spiritual trauma? It’s time to acknowledge the impact and seek real solutions. Let’s dive into empowering advocacy and validation of experiences. Join us in finding healing and change with abuse survivor and advocate Christa Brown in part 2.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover strategies for surviving clergy sexual abuse and reclaiming personal power.
  • Explore the profound impact of spiritual abuse within faith communities and find ways to heal.
  • Gain insights into the history and current efforts of the Southern Baptist Convention in addressing clergy abuse.
  • Learn effective ways to advocate for change within religious organizations and support fellow survivors.
  • Uncover the importance of professional counseling in the journey towards healing from trauma.


My special guest is Christa Brown

Christa Brown is an inspiring figure who has dedicated her life to advocating for survivors of clergy sexual abuse within the Southern Baptist Convention. As the author of the newly released book Baptistland, she bravely shares her own experiences of abuse, betrayal, and transformation, shedding light on the reality of clergy sex abuse and cover-ups within the US’s largest protestant denomination. With a background as a retired appellate attorney, a mother, and a grandmother, Christa brings a unique perspective and unwavering determination to demand reforms and bring about change within religious organizations. Her insights and experiences offer valuable knowledge and empowerment to those navigating the complex journey of healing from trauma and seeking justice. Follow Christa on X/Twitter.

Listen to the first of the 2 part EPS here.

The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:02 – Introduction and Sponsor Message


00:02:00 – Trigger Warning and Introduction of Guest


00:03:13 – Skepticism and Empty Promises


00:11:37 – Cultivating Skepticism


00:14:39 – Applause for Perpetrators


00:16:46 – Lack of Consequences for Harmful Behavior


00:19:10 – Lack of Change in Leadership


00:22:23 – Troubling Hotline Operations


00:25:02 – Spiritual Abuse and Inappropriate Prayers


00:30:22 – Seeking Accountability and Restitution


00:34:31 – Challenges of Changing from Within


00:36:07 – Call to Action and Concerns


00:37:24 – Importance of Christa’s Voice


00:38:12 – Impact of Christa’s Memoir


00:39:38 – Invitation to Join the Difference Makers Community for an exclusive EPS with Christa Brown and much more


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