Embracing Your Daughter’s Killer: The Freedom of Radical Forgiveness with Joel Kime

It’s often said “forgive and forget.” But what happens when two parties, offender and offended, come together and build a relationship in a space that never forgets?

In this episode of the Betwixt Podcast, Joel Kime shares his story of great tragedy and how the practice of forgiveness transformed that tragedy into something no one expected.

Through building relationship in the face of adversity, two communities–Amish and English–bonded in a normally forbidden way.  Together, they accepted pain, experienced unexpected joy, and birthed the vitality of communitas in the wake of tragedy.

“Forgiveness is like keys in a jail. It frees you. It frees the person who has been wronged and the person who did the wrong. That’s what the Amish did. They gave me the gift of freedom.”

Joel Kime is the pastor of Faith Church in Lancaster, PA. Joel and his wife Michelle have four children and previously served as church-planting missionaries in Kingston, Jamaica. The Kimes are passionate about God’s heart for the oppressed.

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