Jared Boyd on How Imaginative Prayer Helps Children Connect with God (& Parents)

Jared Boyd discovered that children’s spiritual formation is rooted in the imagination.

“When we lead our children through guided times of imaginative prayer, they can experience a connection with God that transcends mere Bible knowledge or doctrinal content.”

Jared noticed that while most parents desire for their kids to learn to love God, it’s hard to have meaningful conversation with their kids about spiritual things and to facilitate real spiritual experiences. Imaginative Prayer helps children connect with God and helps parents to connect with their kids.

“You may find yourself connecting more closely with your child, and your own formation as a parent will deepen into greater awareness of God’s work in your lives.”

This episode explores how imaginative prayer can help parents and churches cultivate the work of spiritual formation in the lives of children. Because the imagination has been held with both awe and suspicion, we explore the history of imaginative prayer in the church and why it sometimes meets with resistance.

Jared Patrick Boyd is the author of Imaginative Prayer: A Yearlong Guide to Your Child’s Spiritual Formation and  Invitations & Commitments: A Rule of Life.

Jared is a pastor and sits on the board of directors for Vineyard USA. He’s also a spiritual director, teacher, and founder of The Order of Sustainable Faith, a missional monastic order for the 21st Century. Jared and his wife Jaime have four daughters, and are planting Franklinton Abbey, a new faith community on the west side of Columbus, OH.

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