S2E12 – Tara Beth Leach: tending to your inner life


J.R. and Doug are excited to invite the MMP tribe into this fruitful, honest, and deep conversation with the amazing Tara Beth Leach. From preaching to the cornfields as a teenager in her home town, to pastoring a church that struggled with a woman senior pastor. Tara goes to the hard places and shares the tough parts of her calling and ways she is finding the Lord healing, redeeming and sustaining her. We are grateful for her voice and leadership in the church today and we know that there is a lot for all of you to take away in here. You will see why both of us are excited and grateful to have Tara Beth Leach join us this Monday.


Emboldened: A Vision for Empowering Women in Ministry


-What should you stop doing or refuse to do in the future?

-Who are the folks in your pastor’s triage group?

-What are your ministry metrics?  (If they are unhealthy, get rid of them.)

-What does faithfulness look like today?

-Who is someone you can write a handwritten note of encouragement to?

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