S2E13 – Carolyn Custis James: MeToo / #ChurchToo and hope for the future


J.R. is excited to announce something that he has been passionately working on the last few months called the Hall of Tyrannus Initiative. In short the vision is “To fund the entire education for 100 pastors at Bible schools/seminaries in poor countries and regions of the world that are hostile to Christianity”. To get involved and for more information on the Hall of Tyrannus Initiative (HTI) check out https://www.kairospartnerships.org/hti.

Our interview today is a heavy yet significant conversation with Carolyn Custis James about the #MeToo / #ChurchToo crisis. Some of us have heard about it and are not sure exactly what it is and how it impacts the Church universal and our local churches. We understand that this conversation scratches the surface of such a large and important topic, so Carolyn was kind enough to share a recent seminar that she led at Missio Seminary for the MMP listeners for an amazing price. Check it out below.

Confronting the #MeToo / #ChurchToo Crisis Seminar

This seminar examines the crisis from multiple angles for pastors and ministry leaders. How does church teaching about women and men create an environment that is conducive to sexual abuse and to the protection of perpetrators? How do #MeToo narratives in the Bible provide a vital pastoral resource for raising awareness and creating safety for victims to find help and the care they need? Trauma counseling, legal, and pastoral experts will provide crucial guidance to church leaders in securing professional and legal help, avoiding common mistakes when allegations surface, and becoming leaders in combating this serious crisis.

Cost to Stream For Personal Enrichment or Church Training: $49

Total Time: 6 hours of teaching

Link for more info and to purchase: missio.edu/metoo

Her website, great resources and her books https://carolyncustisjames.com/

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