S2E2 – Steve Cuss – Managing leadership anxiety, part 2


Have you ever experienced anxiety as a leader?  Part 2 of our conversation with Steve is crash course is Family Systems Theory, theology of anxiety, and Romans 6. So much of who we are as leaders has to do with us learning to navigate personal anxiety which is a journey of naming what is causing the anxiety at hand and learning to let go of it. Get out your note book and be ready to jot down a few notes, because there are several things that you won’t want to forget.


Questions & Practices:

  • Write out your Life Giving List.

  • What do you do when your BLASTed? (Bored, Lonely, Anxious or Afraid, Stressed, Tired)

  • When am I in my own way? And how and where should I get out of my own way?

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