S2E4 Dave Bindewald – Curiosity driven exploration of hidden goodness


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In this episode, Doug and J.R. have a conversation with Dave Bindewald about the importance of play and exploration. Many of us have been hijacked by starting the gospel in Genesis 3, but we must begin in Genesis 1 with God’s “ridiculously good” goodness. It’s with this theological framework in which he places the importance of play and exploration as part of our formation as people. Get ready to have some major ah-hamoments.


• https://www.playandexploration.com/

• Book: Mike Yaconelli, Dangerous Wonder


• What can you do to schedule 5 mins of play today?

• What can you do to be fully present with your kids today for 5 minutes?

• What Create your own lifegiving list. (a list of things big and small that give you life.)

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