S3E1 – Tom Bennardo – Experiencing love in your limitations and failure.


Doug and J.R. are excited to be back behind the mics for the 3rd season of the Monday Morning Pastor. A huge shout out to Jennie from VA for encouragement and helpful feedback, thanks for making Monday Morning Pastor better! On to the show, two words… Wabi Sabi. You’ll hear all about it as Doug and J.R. have another edition of “stuff” in J.R.’s office. Our interview this week is an honest and encouraging conversation about limitations, honesty, and safe space with our new friend Tom Bennardo. Tom wrote a raw book called The honest Guide to Church Planting which J.R. said was the best book on the topic he has read thus far. Tom is a former Church Planter who now leads, coaches and equips church planters. If you are a church planter this will be deeply encouraging and if you are not a church planter it will be deeply encouraging. We cover a lot and could have gone on for days, we hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

Tom’s Book, The Honest Guide to Church Planting: What No One Ever Tells You about Planting and Leading a New Church

-What is 1 truth that you needed to hear from this episode, and who is one person you will share it with?
-What is your apricot?
-what 2 people can you have an honest and raw conversation with? when was the last time you did?

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