S3E14 – Chuck DeGroat – Narcissism and vulnerability


Doug and J.R. have an important conversation about leadership and narcissism with Chuck DeGroat. If you lead in any capacity, you need to slowly listen, take notes, and pay attention to the emotions and moves that happen within your own soul. Chuck speaks with authority to the inner work of the leader from doing the work himself and leading the research in this area. He has named things that we believe will help equip leaders in their own inner work. Pastors and leaders, we have great responsibility to continue in our journey towards health and wholeness, may the Lord give your courage to trust as you continue in this sacred calling. We hope you find as much encouragement in this conversation as we have.

-Chuck’s newest book. When Narcissism Comes to Church: Healing Your Community From Emotional and Spiritual Abuse.
-Chuck has been kind enough to give us five copies of When Narcissism Comes to Church to give away! Here is what you need to do to claim your copy. Email Jane – Jane@kairospartnerships.org with a good question for the show. The first five people who email Jane a good question will receive the book.
-Follow chuck on Twitter @chuckdegroat

-How do you experience me?
-5 questions from Josh Meyers (S1,EP10). Consider asking a few people (email J.R., for a copy of these questions in a doc.)
1. Name one thing I do really well without putting any effort?
2. What 3 words would you use to describe me?
3. Name one area of my life where you see room for improvement?
4. If you were put in charge of the worlds resources what would you assign me to do?
5. What shows up when I show up? Good or bad, what shows up?

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