S3E17 – Phil Monroe –COVID, trauma, Grief, Lament, and Hope.

Doug and J.R. have a conversation Dr. Phil Monroe about COVID, trauma, grief and lament. Dr, Monroe is the co-leader of the Global Trauma Recovery Institute. This is one of those interviews you will want to listen to slowly as we continue to move through this time.  He encourages pastors to anticipate the wave of grief coming once things settle with the Coronavirus. Dr. Monroe helps us see trauma as mission field in the days to come. He also speaks of the power of lament in worship and specific practices to help pastors lead their congregations in this season.

-Psalm 13, 88
-Consider writing or drawing your own lament
-Book: Suffering and The Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys and Christ Restores by Diane Langberg

What happened?
How did you feel?
What was the hardest part?
What helped you survive today?

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