S3E18 – David Hansen – Limitations, Anguish, and The Work of The Pastor.

We are excited to share this timely conversation with retired pastor, and author David Hansen. He brings 40 years of ministry, life experiences, fly-fishing, deep wisdom, and practical thoughts on the inner life of the pastor.  Have you ever had a one-day contract with God? If you are a pastor or kingdom leader it is not too much to assume that you have felt discouraged, hurt, frustrated or deep anguish. You are not alone. Jesus did too and this conversation will feel like a deep sigh that creates safe space for you to hear from the Lord.

David is a hero of ours and has shaped both of us deeply through his book The Art of Pastoring: Ministry Without All the Answers. If you haven’t read this book yet, stop what you are doing buy it and wait by the door for it to show up! We are grateful to be able to share this timeless conversation with you this week, be encouraged.

Book: The Art of Pastoring: Ministry Without all The Answers
-Find where you think best, and go there without feeling guilty.

-How will the devil be defeated by the word of God?
-How do I deal with my own anguish?

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