S3E19 – Marty Solomon – Rubbing shoulders with God.

Doug and J.R. have a conversation with Marty Solomon, the co-host of the Bema discipleship podcast.  If you are a scripture fan like us, you will love Marty and what he is up to.  Make sure to check out the resources below.

Bema Discipleship Podcast (listen to at least 2 in the next few weeks,) and consider subscribing.
https://www.bemadiscipleship.com/(AMAZING RESOURCES)
-IVP Bible Background Commentary (both OT and NT)

-How can you posture yourself to rub shoulders with God this week as you encounter Him in the scriptures?
-When was the last time you experienced joy, wonder, and release while reading the bible? How might you posture yourself to do so this week?

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