S3E2 – Glenn Paauw – immersing yourself in the scripture.


2:55 pm…. Doug and J.R. jump into a conversation about circadian rhythms and the importance of understanding your daily and weekly rhythms. They share practical advice about planning out your schedule, thinking about your energy level that helps you stay sharp in ministry, and even have space for interruptions. This conversation is brought about by a book called When by Daniel Pink. Two questions that help prep the conversation with our guest today is Glenn Paauw:

  1. Do you read the false Bible or the real Bible?

  2. What would happen if you stopped studying the Bible and instead immersed yourself in it?

Glenn is leading a revolution of how followers of Jesus engage with the scripture. This conversation has a ton of ah-ha and uh-oh moments. Fair warning, this interview will make you want to engage your bible differently!



  • If you congregation would read the bible like Glenn talked about how different would your church be in 6-12 months? How different would you be?

  • What one thing that Glenn talked about would help you see the bible in a new way?

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