S3E5 – Danielle Strickland – Tattoos, crockpots, and stories of reconciliation.


We hope you are ready for a fun and encouraging show this week. Doug and J.R. discuss some books they have been reading, and they share some laughs over some headlines from the Babylon Bee. This week, we have the privilege of interviewing the ambassador of fun: Danielle Strickland. She leads with joy and hope in some of the darkest places, both locally and globally. You will laugh, tear up, and be inspired. We appreciate her vulnerability and leadership as she spells out what healthy rhythms keep her grounded, on mission, and close to Jesus. Lastly, she’s invested in some fantastic kingdom expressions of reconciliation. Please check out the resources below! We hope you get as much out of this conversation as we did.



  • Where might you need to run to the pain, either your own or others?

  • Who might be someone you can help or serve this week?

  • Where have I been aware of the sacred beauty of others?

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