S3E6 – Carolyn Moore – Resignation letters and prophetic ministry


What is the best way to battle the February blues? Do something new! Doug and J.R. talk about calligraphy, Catskill dry flies, and the importance of learning new things. Speaking of new things, J.R. has a big announcement. Kairos Partnerships is launching a new initiative this year: The Young Leaders Equipping Cohort(YLEC). If you are a young leader (ages 28-38) who longs for mentoring, friendship, discipleship, and equipping from an experienced kingdom leader, we encourage you to go to the landing page for more information. We are excited to see this get off the ground!

Our interview this week is with Carolyn Moore. J.R. and I recently met Carolyn at the Ecclesia National Gathering, and right away we were texting back and forth about getting her on the show. Her story is compelling, her faith is contagious, and she is profoundly hope-filled and Holy Spirit empowered. We hope you all are encouraged by this brutally honest and practically hopeful conversation.

P.S. You will laugh!



  • What is one thing you can do this week to open yourself up to the Holy Spirit?

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