S3E8 – Keisha Polonio – Lost daughters, fighting for stillness, and transitions.


In this episode, Doug and J.R. begin with an honest conversation about our first parish, The Home. We talk about being parents, our parental practices, and the fact that we are not perfect parents and don’t have all the answers. However, we are trying to write a different story about pastor’s kids. Also, if you are interested in a “reading the bible with your kid plan,” send an email to J.R. and he’ll share his plan with you.

Our interview this week is with Keisha Polonio. She gives the MMP community a ton to think about in this episode. To name a few: being a healthy leader; racial reconciliation; seeing the scripture outside your ethnic context; making room at your table; House Church; kidney cancer; transitions, and fighting for stillness. We are so glad to be with Keisha, and we are confident the Lord has encouragement for you too.



  • What if you fought for 20 mins of silence this week?

  • Does your schedule reveal a life that wants to hear from God?

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