S3E9 – Alan Fadling – The spiritual practice of downward mobility


This week many of our listeners had to make some tough leadership decisions regarding Covid-19. We love you, and we know that nothing has prepared us well for this moment. We spend a few moments sharing our thoughts on the pandemic. (Disclaimer, we recorded on Thursday, March 12—less than 2 hours after the county J.R. and I live in closed all schools for the next two weeks, canceled all large gatherings, and is asking the population to practice social distancing.) And, there is a toilet paper shortage!! We are sure that even when this reaches our listeners, the situation will have changed again.

Our interview this week with Alan Fadling is timely. The conversation is fruitful, and so long that we decided to turn it into two parts. This episode begins with Alan sharing a helpful ministry metaphor of a pitcher, cup, saucer, and plate. He also shares his story of hearing a clear vision from the Lord and watching it die over years of downward mobility only to be resurrected at the right time. He speaks to the danger of success over failure and so much more! Alan bursts at the seams with wisdom and grace and we are excited to share this episode with you.



  • When are you tempted to reach for the pitcher?

  • What areas of your life could be described as hurried? How might you move from hurried to unhurried?

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