S4E1 – N.T. Wright – God and The Pandemic

We are excited to begin season 4 with this timely and timeless conversation with N.T. Wright on his new book, God and The Pandemic. The insights Dr. Wright shares are both important for now as we are still in the midst of the pandemic but also as we begin to think through life and ministry after the pandemic. So much wisdom can be packed into a short amount of time!  We hope you feel equipped and find this conversation encouraging.

There are some great resources and a study guide @ www.godandthepandemic.com
The audio and e-book is out now and the paperback will release on July 7th.
Dr. Wright mentioned 2 important passages to spend time in: Psalm 44 and Romans 8:18-30

-What personal/national/global lament needs to be voiced?
-What personal/ might the Spirit be stirring in you?

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