S4E2 – Skye Jethani – Denial, Quick fixes, or Systematic Changes

Our first guest we ever had on MMP was Skye Jethani.  Many of us have read his books or listened to his podcast and gleamed from his insight and wisdom as he engages culture and the Gospel. We are glad to bring him back this season to talk about what he is noticing in the season we find ourselves in.  He offers some encouragement and framework to think through the possibilities and opportunities to lead change as followers of Jesus. Oh yeah, and he has a fantastic new book out too, What If Jesus Was Serious. Pick it up, you won’t be disappointed!

With God daily devotional
-Books by Skye:

Holy Post Podcast
Season 1 Episode 2 (our first interview with Skye)

-What has this season stirred up in you personally?
-If Jesus were to write you a letter, what would he say determines your value?
-What if Jesus was serious?

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